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Renovations & Extensions

Whilst a large proportion of our work relates to complete building projects, we are probably best known for our renovation and extension projects. Specialists in the mid to high end of the market, we have transformed countless bathrooms, kitchens and living areas, not to mention the addition of extra storeys and garages.

So whether you want to maximise and enhance an existing environment, or expand to give you and your family additional living space, Moore Construction Group can look after you from start to finish.


Our domestic division specializes in meeting the individual requirements of the client. Unlike many other building companies we do not provide a selection of “one size fits all” plans for you to choose from, as we have found our clientele have always preferred something more personal.

Instead we work a number of design professionals from draughts people and interior designers through to architects and of course the clients themselves. The end result is a superior construction which provides our clients with exactly what they were looking for.


Building Victoria is capable of constructing multi-level developments with the flexibility of going below-ground should your situation require it.

We have managed a large number of successful projects on time and on budget and you can expect these same levels of performance whether you are looking for the extension, enhancement or complete build of a project.

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